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About C-Jay International

C-Jay International is a consulting firm that positions itself in the heart of the language industry. Our main fields of expertise are documentation processes, localization strategies and translation technology. The company was founded as a personal project by Jourik Ciesielski from Yamagata Europe in 2020.

About Jourik Ciesielski

Jourik Ciesielski holds a Master in Translation as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Specialized Translation from KU Leuven, Faculty of Arts, Campus Sint-Andries in Antwerp (Belgium). Besides Dutch, his mother tongue, he speaks fluent English, French, Spanish and some basic Portuguese. He is passionate about Spain and Latin America and wrote his thesis in Spanish about the political background of Mexican-American literature.

In 2013 he started as an intern at Yamagata Europe in Ghent (Belgium) as part of his studies and then stayed with the company as full-time Localization QA Operator. His strong interest in language technology made him move to the position of Localization Engineer. In this role he successfully developed localization strategies for many companies.

In 2018 he was offered a temporary position at the University of Antwerp as lecturer of the module Introduction to Localization in the Translation and Interpreting Master. He really enjoys teaching and still does guest lectures at the universities of Antwerp and Ghent. He’s also a frequent speaker at industry events such as memoQfest, Tekom and KU Leuven’s Translation Technology Summer School.

Today his main interests are artificial intelligence, automation, machine translation, industry standards, and speech.

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