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Localization strategies

Localization is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. Translation is only a part of the localization process. Localization may also include:

  • Adapting images and layout

  • Addressing legal requirements

  • Converting currencies, measurement units, formats for dates and addresses, etc.

  • Modifying content in accordance with the consumption habits and needs of the target markets

Translation and localization should never be seen as a necessary evil or a budgetary burden. Translation quality mirrors the professionalism of an organization, so it must be done right. Spot-on localization is a marketing weapon and a commercial lubricant.

Our goal is to bring solutions to the table that help you optimize costs, save time, ensure quality and internationalize your business successfully.

C-Jay International is an expert in defining localization strategies. We analyze your processes, uncover obstacles and provide continuous support on various levels:

  • Selection, evaluation and implementation of technology

  • Translation management

  • Source file preparation, file filters, post-processing

  • Segmentation rules

  • Terminology management

  • Translation memory management

  • Quality assurance

  • Automation

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